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There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. This is a saying I grew up with in Sweden. The saying flows a lot better in Swedish, but it is just as true in English.

Even though I at this point must admit, since moving to Scotland my faith in this saying has been shaken to its foundation, I still believe it holds true. Seems like a convenient thing to write on a blog for a clothing retailer you say? Well, it’s what I believe, and that comes from someone who, even though I know better, has made his fair share of mistakes when selecting clothing. I have hiked up a French Alp slope in early March knee deep in snow wearing sneakers, being passed by a group of slightly overweight French 70-year olds on snowshoes. I have huffed and puffed my way up trails in the Pyrenees in Andorra on a summer day layered down to a cotton T-shirt, only to find myself soaked in sweat facing an icy wind at the top of the pass. Every time something like this has happened I have found myself looking enviously, and with a fair bit of resentment I might add, at the people that seemed so comfortable in their gear during the same conditions.

So, who am I? My name is Daniel Naslund and I am 26 years old.  I grew up in Sweden, moved to Alaska to go to university when I was 20, lived in the French Alps (the Rhone Alps mind you, but come on, they are still the Alps) for a year before I ended up here in Edinburgh. I have always enjoyed the questions that people pop up with when they hear that I’ve lived in Alaska. “Are there bears walking around on the streets?” is a common one (no, they don’t really but the moose do!).

Anyway, with a background like mine (and a mother that is a wildlife journalist) it was never really an option for me not to have a strong passion for the outdoors. Ending up here at Nordic Outdoor seemed like a logical progression for me, where I can combine doing what I love with making a living. I hope to pass on some of the things that I have learnt throughout the years, both the good and the bad, and hopefully be able to provide some, if not inspiration, then at least entertainment along the way.

The idea behind this blog is not to sell you on specific products. Instead it will be more about sharing our values and our passion for the outdoors. In this blog you will find instructions for taking care of the products you have decided are going to be your companion for the adventures you are about to embark on, be they small or big. We also hope to inspire you to spend more of your time outdoors by sharing the experience, knowledge and love for the outdoors that we have. Even though I will be doing most of the writing on here, you as a reader will be tapping into the gathered experience of our entire team.

The hope is that you find what we have to say informative and entertaining and that you will be willing to share your experiences, knowledge, and inspiration with us.