Nordic Outdoor

Our new website is live!

After a lot of hard work behind the scenes the curtains have been lifted. “Finally! After a year of sub-standard web presence we now have a new website, it might be a bit strange to do this in the middle of the Christmas rush, but then again we’re not that normal” says founder and managing director Caspar Odqvist.

It was the staggering loading times – sometimes up towards a whopping twelve seconds – and the lack of user friendliness of the old site that led to the decision to start the work on a new website. “Besides being faster and more reliable than the old website, the new Nordic Outdoor website will feature a much needed look update and will be much more user friendly. Even more importantly it will include features such as a blog which will allow us to be a lot more interactive with our customers”, Caspar continues.

The development of the site was done by Edinburgh based designers Mywebcare. “When Caspar and his team first visited our studio to discuss the project, it was clear that we all shared the same vision - to ensure the user was at the centre of everything we do. Internally, we also wanted to build a website the Nordic Team would be proud of and we are confident that the new website has delivered on both these fronts. Users will find a well-designed website that will make their shopping experience simple yet enjoyable, no matter what device they are using”, says Digital Account Manager, Khurram Inam.

The hope is that the knowledge possessed by the staff at Nordic Outdoor will be more easily transferred through a digital format with the new website. As an aid to the new platform the website will offer, Nordic Outdoor will stay connected to their loyal customers on a wide scale, “I would recommend that you sign up to our newsletter and like us on Facebook and other social media channels to get the most out of the Nordic Outdoor experience” concludes Caspar.

So far everything is looking good, and we hope that you will enjoy your time on our site. Please let us know what you like about the site and what could use improvement. Any input from you is very valuable to us since in the end you are the one who have to like the site for us to be happy with it.

The Nordic Outdoor Team