Hestra Gloves: Eighty Years of Quality

With the cold weather landing in the UK and the time to upgrade your glove selection has arrived. Luckily, we have some of the best gloves available courtesy of Swedish brand Hestra who have been making gloves of the highest quality since 1936.

Here at Nordic Outdoor we pride ourselves on the quality of the products we carry and Hestra Gloves are the perfect example of a stylish, functional and sustainable way to upgrade your wardrobe this season. We’ve taken a closer look at the history behind this brand below.

Founded in 1936 the story of Hestra began with Magnus Magnusson producing high quality gloves for local tradesmen and lumberjacks in a small farmhouse workshop based in Småland, Sweden. Magnus quickly developed a reputation for crafting warm, functional and quality gloves and in 1937 the arrival of a Ski Slope in a nearby town changed the destiny of Hestra Gloves forever.

With the arrival of ski tourism to the area and the sports rapid growth throughout Sweden Hestra became known as one of the best producers of durable, stylish and warm gloves for the new generation of avid skiers. As word of the companies quality grew another generation of the Magnusson family joined the business with Magnus’s two sons expanding the ski range and reaching new consumers throughout Europe. To this day Hestra remains a family operated company with their Head Office still in the small locality of Hestra, Sweden.

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The three core principals we follow here at Nordic Outdoor are those of style, function and sustainability which are perfectly represented by the Hestra glove collection. Since the companies beginning in 1936 they have designed thousands of styles of glove and continue to innovate to create the best product possible. While Hestra’s original customer base consisted of Lumberjacks and Skiers they now cater to a wider audience varying from fighter pilots to artisans. With such a wide range of needs the brand focuses their designs on the needs of the consumer ensuring their functionality remains at the core of every style.

“Finding the right balance between aspects like durability, cold and moisture resistance and flexibility is extremely important. To do this, we cooperate closely with people who place the highest demands on their equipment. Simply maximizing the properties – durability, water resistance and insulation – seldom results in a good glove.”

Along with user based design principles Hestra also focus their manufacturing on using the highest quality materials throughout their entire range. With much of the Hestra collection being constructed from high quality leather the brands master glovemakers understand how leather has a plethora of uses for all of Hestra’s customers. Understanding how the thickness of the hide and the stretchiness of the material used will translate into functional use is one of the key skills mastered by Hestra’s qualified glove makers.

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Much like the team here at Nordic Outdoor one of Hestra’s core principles is sustainability and this runs throughout everything they do. With such a high quality product each pair of Hestra gloves have a long life when cared for properly, reducing the need for replacement and the company actively encourage customers to replace liners rather than the entire glove. Sustainability doesn’t only focus on the durability of the product however and Hestra are also understanding of their wider environmental impact. With Hestra owning their own factories they are able to control the entire production chain and are constantly working to reduce the impact of their materials, energy, transportation and waste.

Hestra are one of the very few environmentally certified manufacturing companies in the Ski and Outdoor world and we here at Nordic Outdoor are proud to work with a company who share our core principles.

Whether you are looking for a new pair of Ski gloves, a pair for your adventures in the great outdoors or are just looking to upgrade your Winter wardrobe we have the best selection of Hestra Gloves available now Online & In-store.

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