One of your friends have just taken an interest in the outdoors and wants to get out there. But first they needs some gear, and he or she has asked you for advice. So of course the first thing you suggest is a quality pair of trousers. Does that mean that you’re crazy? Or maybe just that you’re Scandinavian?

Being Scandinavian in the United Kingdom makes you different. That’s not something we shy away from here at Nordic Outdoor. We realise that some of the things we say and do might seem odd to someone coming from a different background and way of thinking. The way we think an outfit should be built is probably one of the areas where we differ the most from other outdoor retailers in the UK. Where many would suggest a jacket is a good place to start building from, we would instead say that trousers is the logical place to start.

Think about it, you’re out on the hill, or walking the dog in the park for that matter. If you have a bad coat you can easily fit a spare one in your backpack, which you can switch to without difficulty if the conditions demand it. Now consider the same scenario with a bad pair of trousers. Where are you less likely to attempt a change – in the hills, with the wind howling around your bare legs (or worse still), or in the park on the daily dog walk?

The point we’re making, and what is widely accepted in Scandinavian, is that since trousers are the hardest article of clothing to change, you might do well to make them the cornerstone of your wardrobe.

As with anything in life, there is no such thing as the one and only best pair of trousers. It all depends on what you will be doing and what you features you are after. When looking at trousers the first question you should be asking yourself is what will you be doing, since this will have a huge bearing on what is ideal for you.

For example, if you will be spending a lot of time in the woods, or camping, you should look for a rugged pair of trousers with reinforcements in the right places. For this type of activity an all polyester and cotton material is probably preferable. A real plus if you will be spending time on your knees, putting up your tent or collecting kindling for example, is if the trousers have the option to add padding on the knees.

If you on the other hand foresee yourself spending your precious time away from the office walking the hills, other features are needed. Of course durability is still important, but in a different way. You would probably want a trouser that has both reinforcements at the bottom of the leg where your boots may cause chafing and some stretch material to go with the polyester and cotton base material.

For those of you who have read this far hoping against hope for an introduction to a waterproof option, the closest we will get here is a hybrid. Of course there are times when something waterproof is needed. However, why not combine it with breathable natural materials? Using the same idea as with reinforcements in high wear areas these hybrid trousers have waterproof panels covering the most exposed areas such as your thighs. This solution adds protection against the elements while sacrificing little in terms of comfort. 

Once you have selected your trusted pair of trousers the cornerstone is laid. You can then move on to picking out baselayers, and finally get that jacket that has been calling your name for weeks.

So maybe there is a chance that you can suggest trousers as the place to start building an outfit without being neither crazy nor Scandinavian after all.