Amundsen Ilujjiniq Boot

The story behind the Amundsen brand is soaked in history of adventures and the outdoors and every product that the company produces is manufactured with a focus on quality and history. As part of their latest collection Amundsen have introduced their first ever footwear style and it perfectly represents what the brand stands for with the Ilujjiniq boot being based on outstanding Inuit technology and being handcrafted in Montebelluna, Italy. While the Ilujjiniq boot is a stunning design is has also been created to handle whatever nature throws at it and to prove this point the Amundsen team walked the final prototype of their new boot from the factory in Montebelluna all the way to their home base of Oslo.

Before Roald Amundsen conquered the South Pole in 1911 he spent time living with the Inuit people to better understand how they thrived in conditions where most cultures could not live. By studying the Inuits technology and garments he managed to better understand how by using the best quality animal materials and creating a design with function in mind they could create the finest footwear for their environment.

Amundsen Boot

By understanding the history of Amundsen’s original quest and respecting the master craftsmanship of the Inuit people the team at Amundsen sports set out on a two year quest to create a boot which was not only functional in any condition but was also the perfect everyday style. In order to retain their commitment to quality they teamed up with renowned boot designer Fabio Deon from Montebelluna to craft their first ever footwear style - The Iujjiniq boot.

The Ilujjiniq boot from Amundsen is the first style as part of their new Muck System which was launched to coincide with the introduction of their inner boots which come in a wool and a felt version. As part of the brands commitment to functional design the inner boots can be swapped out depending on why you are using the boot - the Winter Inner Boot for the coldest days. When you are indoors the wool inner boots can also double up as comfortable slippers!


Now that you know the story behind the new Amundsen Ilujjiniq boot we’ve taken a closer look at the key functions of the style below and why Nordic Outdoor think this is one of the most innovative designs of the year.

Nordic Outdoor Ilujjiniq Boot

The Ilujjiniq boot is handmade in Montebelluna Italy and with such craftsmanship comes an understanding and appreciation for the value of each fabric. With a full grain leather construction the boots feature a Norwegian welt which is a unique welting process rarely seen today. Alongside providing the boots with full Waterproofing the Norwegian welt allows the boot to be easily re-soled. Not happy to stop there and to provide a challenge to the craftsmen of Montebelluna the brand introduced a crampon fix in the heel and created a never before seen combination.

One of the most obvious design features is the integrated gaiters which allow you to adapt to your surroundings, having them fully rolled up for protection or alternatively rolled down to the ankle to let moisture evaporate. With functionality in mind the built in gaiters feature an integration system with the Amundsen knickerbockers to create an entirely functional and stylish combination.

The final showcase design feature of the Ilujjiniq boot is the Vibram Nanga Litebase sole unit, an innovation first designed by the fame Italian sole constructors for mountaineering footwear. Combining Litebase technology with the durability of the Mont compound to create a lightweight boot without sacrificing grip, durability or traction.

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